Cable organization is totally underrated. Getting all the cords behind your computer or TV is an accomplishment on its own. But what about when it comes to an entire computer system? What about INSIDE the computers? The engines? The appliances?

It’s not something everyone thinks about, but we all definitely notice how sloppy it looks when the video game consoles, TV, and computer system cords are all over the place! Imagine this issue on a much wider scale when designing electronics, appliances, engines, internet systems, etc. The organization of wires, routing cables, and handling wires is practically an art when it comes to manufacturing.

Here at Volt Industrial Plastics, we recognized the issue, and the need for better means of cable and wire organization. In addition to our wide offering of clamps and clips, we launched a line of light-duty cable clamps to help our customers get organized, and to create the exact clamps for hard to reach spaces, electronics, and finish work.

It’s not just about organization either. They also prevent corrosion with metal tubing and with plastic. They they won’t bind or warp, which prevents leaks when maintaining the flow of liquids. There are so many different industries that have a need for clamps. Many times the same type of clamps and clips don’t work for every application. We offer a variety of different types, sizes, installations, shapes, etc!



We carry both adhesive backed wire, cable clips and cable clips that can be secured to a hard surface using a screw. Adhesive-backed clips are great for home offices or those who want a temporary fix to hold cables together and off of the ground.


We know that wires come in a variety of sizes. We carry several in-stock cable clips with a wide range of wire bundle dimensions to choose from.

Different Openings

Our cable clips and cable clamps also come in a variety of openings, such as side-entry and top-entry. This allows for easy access and ability to change out wires if needed.


Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Give us a call at 1-800-844-8024. We have the ability to manufacture custom fasteners from your drawings in-house. The best part is that we can get you the custom parts you need in just a short amount of time.

At Volt, we aim to make your manufacturing process as easy as can be, providing you with the tools you need to be successful. This is what makes us tick! Visit our cable routing and wire handling hardware page to browse through our variety of clamps and see which one will meet your needs.

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