Plastic fasteners are everywhere! You may not realize it, but you’re probably using a plastic fastener right now, and/or you are surrounded with items that utilize a fastener in some shape, form, or fashion! If you’re sitting on a chair, using your computer, laying in your bed… there is probably a fastener hiding in there somewhere. We tend to forget all the little pieces that hold together a computer, a desk, or practically any piece of furniture.  Volt Industrial Plastics wants to remind you that our plastic fasteners are used everywhere! We’ve been in the business a long time - long enough to see how fasteners, like the ones we make, have infiltrated every facet of manufacturing, all over the world. 

If you’re not in manufacturing or in the habit of building things on your own, you may not really know how useful these little things are. While some of our plastic fasteners have common uses, some of them are quite unique. No matter where you need them, what color, or what type of plastic you want them made of, we have millions of fasteners available for you. And if not, we can custom make EXACTLY what you need. We even make the tools in house that are used to form and shape all of our plastic fasteners! 

Here are a few places you will find our products:


Where would we be without our computers these days? Powered by the circuit boards inside them, we are able to use our computers every day to accomplish tasks and learn things much easier than ever before. Well, that little circuit board needs to be perfectly spaced out and have all of the little parts attached inside so that we can do all the amazing things we do. That’s where fasteners come in! We have parts and pieces designed to snap things into place, space things out, and protect the electronic components. Plastic is a great choice for these fasteners because they can provide electrical insulation, unlike those made from metal. If you ever have the chance to look at a circuit board, try to see how many fasteners you can point out! 


Thanks to all the build-your-own furniture out there, you may be more familiar with plastic fasteners than you realize. Generally, a lot of furniture out there is held together or finished with many different types of them. Some of these may include the pegs holding the shelves on your bookshelf up or the screws and studs used to screw it all together! Using plastic for these parts can provide cost savings in manufacturing, and also decrease the weight of the items as well. They are especially useful when trying to cover all the holes and screws drilled into your furniture because you can color match any plastic caps to insert in the holes for a nice smooth finishing surface. 


We are sure you’re getting the idea now - but guess what! There are fasteners in your appliances as well! Screws, bolts, and rivets are commonly used during assembly for many products like your dishwasher, refrigerator, or laundry machines. Not only that but with all the appliances becoming so advanced, there is likely a circuit board in there too! Our cable ties and clamps are used in many applications to organize and secure wires and tubes that would otherwise be in the way.


After all that, this one should be pretty obvious. Again, plastic has advantages when it comes to electronic components, so there are many plastic pieces used in engines and car assembly. Plastic not only creates the cost savings and lighter parts that manufacturers are looking for, but it also is non-corrosive and very versatile. This is ideal for car engines so plastic fasteners are being used more and more in place of metal versions. 


Basically, Volt fasteners can be used in all kinds of applications. Some you may have never even thought of! At Volt Industrial Plastics, we have the technology and expertise to provide you with the perfect part. With a warehouse of over 100 million parts, we probably have what you need already in stock! We have the ability to make fasteners more or less durable, flexible, temperature resistant or UV resistant. Visit our site to learn more about our capabilities and all the different parts and pieces we offer! 

Plastic is definitely fantastic at VOLT!

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