Molding & Product Packaging

Molding and Production

JV Tool, an in-house subsidiary of Volt Industrial Plastics, can produce unique plastic fasteners and injection molded parts. In fact, we often analyze, recommend, quote and have prototypes on the way while competitors are still coming up with a price.

For newly engineered, application-specific parts, we have a large inventory of tool and die components as well as a broad raw material inventory. Skills and equipment to achieve exceptionally fast turnaround on new tooling and prototypes.

Check out the complete list of polymers, co-polymers, and resins we use to manufacture our precision plastic fasteners.

VIP Automated Bagging 

Make packaging your product easy—let VIP bag your order!

For more than a decade we've been able to bag automatically on site, saving you a step in the packing/shipping process—which equates to both time and money.

For us, automated bagging means a wider distribution of products. VIP can now provide packaged quantities of our parts to the nation’s large distribution houses that do not buy products in bulk. We can also reach the retail market by bagging assembly kits for distributors.

Our dependable Sharp MAX and Advanced Poly-Packaging bagging equipment maximizes packaging flexibility, so we can package products in different quantities to suit your needs—from small bags of 2 x 2.5 in. (5 x 6.5 cm) to large bags of 12 x 32 in. (30.5 x 81 cm). We also can handle custom imprints of labels on your bags.

For more information about VIP Automated Bagging, call 800-844-8024 or e-mail Customer Service.

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