The creation process of plastic fasteners is really amazing. Over the years, VOLT Industrial Plastics has changed with the times to not only meet the demand, but to improve quality and consistency, and to increase lead times. Much of this is due to CNC technology. 


According to Wikipedia, CNC stands for computer numerical control. This is the automated control of machining tools and 3D printers by means of a computer. A CNC machine processes a piece of material to meet specifications by following a coded programmed instruction. It is a motorized, maneuverable tool, and often a motorized maneuverable platform, which are both controlled by a computer according to specific input instructions.

VOLT utilizes this amazing technology day in and day out. Our technicians have perfected the process by taking the ideas and requests from our customers, then with CNC technology, manufacture the exact item that they need. Our technical capabilities are second to none. 

According to the Universal Technical Institute, “The essential role of a CNC operator is to set up and operate CNC machines and equipment. On any given day, an operator may unload raw materials, prepare a test run to ensure a machine is working properly, and inspect and measure finished products to ensure they meet the exact requirements.”


CNC is a vast improvement over non-computerized machining that must be manually controlled (e.g. using devices such as hand wheels or levers) or mechanically controlled by prefabricated pattern guides. In modern CNC systems, the design of a mechanical part and its manufacturing program is highly automated. The part's mechanical dimensions are defined using CAD software and then translated into manufacturing directives by computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software.


  1. IMPROVED QUALITY. We produce highly accurate, quick turned plastic molded parts, all customizable with capabilities of making even the most miniscule changes.

  2. FAST LEAD TIMES. We are able to produce in higher volume, giving us a huge inventory and major advantage over our competitors. We currently have over 100 million parts in inventory. If an order is placed and we have it in stock, most of the time we are able to ship the same day, if not the next! Our lead time for items that need to be tooled is usually only 1-2 weeks, but depending on the part, it could be up to 12 weeks.

  3. CUSTOM FINISHES. Customers can select from a variety of finishes on solid plastic parts, built to precise design specifications.

  4. MATERIAL SELECTION. Fasteners can be made from over 100 different plastic materials. 

  5. PRECISION. CNC technology provides high-precision tolerances ranging from +/-0.001″ – 0.005″, depending on customer specs.

  6. SCALABILITY. Differing sizes of the same plastic fastener can be easily produced by changing scale parameters of almost any item.


VOLT is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, quality, and fast lead times. With our rapid-response production facility, we are able to manufacture custom fasteners faster than ever, without compromise! Whether it’s a rivet, screw, dowel, clip or clamp, we can deliver in speedy fashion what you need, when you need it. Guaranteed. 

To learn more about VOLT and our CNC capabilities, contact us today!

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