LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! In one corner we have Metal Man - strong, heavy, expensive. In corner number 2 we have Plastic Fantastic - strong - but easy to bend, light weight - but not very expensive. The discussion regarding metal vs. plastic has been going on for several years now. And while metal definitely has its place in construction, plastic has slowly but surely taken residence in areas where metal used to rule. 

One reason Volt Industrial Plastics is NOT Volt Industrial Metals is simply because we want to create products that are strong, yet very affordable for our customers. Here are some more reasons we do plastic:


Hands down, plastic is much more affordable than metal in most cases. Plastic fasteners and other plastic products can be easily produced and done so in larger quantities than metal. This is why plastic is used in construction more than ever. Plastic-to-metal conversion can result in savings of 25-50%. This is due to several factors: the ability to replace multiple metal parts with one plastic part, and the subsequent elimination of fastener and assembly needs. 


The design possibilities with plastic are limitless. Plastic can be color matched, providing the option of color coordinating your fasteners with your brand/logo and more! With the ability to add colors to plastic melts, you can eliminate the need of painting or laser marking metal materials. 


Plastic offers maneuverability and handling benefits when compared with metal. One example is the large plastic sliding compartment doors in shipping containers. They can provide the same strength and rigidity with a much lower weight, making them considerably easier to move.

Besides reducing weight and improving overall part strength and corrosion resistance, plastic-to-metal conversion also allows for the consolidation of multiple metal parts into a single plastic part. And aside from offering equal toughness and allowing for the same tight tolerances as metal, plastic parts require fewer secondary operations, thereby saving on time and costs.

With specialized design techniques, plastic parts can actually be made to have higher-quality physical and chemical properties than metal.


This one basically speaks for itself. Plastic is corrosion resistant, non conductive, UV resistant, and doesn't break down over time like metal. 


One of the major advantages of using plastics over metals is the high durability of plastics to chemicals, weather and environmental attacks. Plastic material can last up to six times longer than metal in most cases. For this reason alone, plastic wins the fight! 

Volt Industrial PLASTICS

Volt utilizes plastic material for many reasons. The process of manufacturing specific fasteners to spec is not only repeatable, but predictable. This provides the customer with the exact fastener they need each and every time. Using plastic also results in faster manufacturing times, lower packaging and shipping costs and more! Volt's plastic fasteners are also American Made, so no worries of delays and lead times.  

We have the technology and expertise to provide you with the perfect part. With a warehouse of over 100 million plastic fasteners, we probably have what you need already in stock! We have the ability to make fasteners that are more or less durable, flexible, temperature resistant and UV resistant. 

Visit our site to learn more about our capabilities and all the different parts and pieces we offer! And yes - they are all plastic! 

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