At Volt Industrial Plastics we manufacture and sell all of the mainstream plastic fasteners - from nuts and bolts, to bushings, spacers and everything in between. In addition to these common pieces, we have an unbelievable inventory, which includes many fasteners that fall into our “miscellaneous” category. Usually anything that winds up in this designation may seem insignificant. Not so with VOLT. 

Here’s a few of our items that may not be mainstream, but certainly scratch where you itch when you need them:

2 and 3 Hole Spacer Plates

Spacer plates can be used for a variety of applications. They are primarily used to separate two or more components. There are also many variations on these fasteners. 

Round Balls and Ball Bearing Separators

A ball bearing separator is used to uniformly space and separate ball bearings. Our round balls come in different diameters, including .187 and .975. 

Barbed Connectors

A barbed connector is used to join flexible tubing and has no thru hole. 

Gear Spur

A gear spur is the most common gear type. It is made in acetal. However, it can be made from other materials and in other sizes upon request.


S Hooks

These hooks are used in shelving and displays to hang lighter objects, and come in various sizes.

Spacer Relays and Spacer Studs 

Spacer relays are used for mounting relays above a surface. A spacer stud is used to separate and locate workpieces. 

Wall Anchors

VOLT sells many types of wall anchors, including this special anchor which has two wall penetrators. 


In addition to these items, we also have domed timers, mounting pads, muntin arrows, rollers, thermostat retainers and MORE! Our in house inventory consists of over 100 million parts, and we are extremely fast in our response and shipping times! Give us a call today - whether you need a typical or a “not so typical” item. VOLT is your plastic fastener source!

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