We May Be Nuts!

At Volt Industrial Plastics we have absolutely gone NUTS (and bolts and rivets and screws and bushings and washers and more)! As we’ve said a million times, we keep over one hundred million parts in our inventory. If we don’t have exactly what you need, we can make it according to your design and specifications! Some of our “nut” inventory includes cap nuts, expansion nuts, flange nuts, jam nuts, lock nuts, thumb nuts, switch nuts and on and on! 

Nuts huh? You want ‘em, we got ‘em!


From hex nuts with or without locking threads, to hex nut jams, we’ve got the nut you need. Other hex items we stock at VOLT include metric hex caps and nuts, hex jam nuts, metric retaining hex nuts, hex screw nut covers, hex washers, metric tapered hex spacers, hex bumper screws, metric hex spacers and machine hex bolts,, slotted machine hex bolts and screws - and MORE! Hex yeah!


A grommet nut is a screw-thread nut with a blind hold and rounded head, used in connection with a screw for fastening purposes. From grommet nuts (round and square), snap grommets, split grommets and screw grommets, we’ve got what you need!



At VOLT we not only have the world’s largest variety of fasteners, screws, washers, clips and more, we also have the wing nut you need. From small to large, standard to metric, we’ve got it. We carry wing nuts in many shapes and sizes, with our most popular selection including the metric wing nut - with or without locking threads, and the deco wing nut.



VOLT simply builds the finest plastic fasteners in the world. Our state-of-the-art production facility allows us to cater to national and international vendors, supplying them with the quality custom fasteners that are a perfect fit for what they need. We also do custom tooling IN HOUSE to customer specifications. Whether you need a specific size fastener, a different material, or just the right shade of green, Volt Industrial Plastics can make it happen. 

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