Volt Industrial Plastics is the leading pioneer when it comes to producing plastic screws and nuts in both standard and metric sizes, license plate screws and nuts, Christmas tree clips, rivets, wire and cable routing clips, printed circuit board hardware, dowels, washers, spacers, tapped spacers, and more! We also have an aggressive tooling program in place that adds new tools and produces new parts every year. 

Here’s a breakdown of who we are, where we came from, where we are going and what we actually do!

V. alue

Volt Industrial Plastics places a high value on all of the products we manufacture. We place high standards on every item we produce and ship to our customers. We value you, the customer. We realize that it takes two to have a successful business relationship. 

O. rganize

With Volt Industrial Plastics we can make your organizational dreams come true! As we have grown over the years, one thing we pride ourselves in is being ORGANIZED. With over 100 million parts in stock and a huge array of equipment, parts and pieces, we have learned that everything has its place, and there’s a place for everything! This passion is what drives us to provide the best and the most variety of organizational plastic fasteners and plastic EVERYTHING to our customers.

L. ead Times

We pride ourselves in keeping up with technology and the speed it affords, without compromising quality. Whether you need an item that is in stock or one that has to be manufactured, with Volt Industrial Plastics you will not have to worry about lengthy turn-around times. Our lead time on any order is the best in the industry! Our new and expanding facilities are engineered in such a way that allows us to quickly access our inventory. You want it fast? You can get it fast!

T. radition

Although Joe Volltrauer established Volt Industrial Plastics in 1992, the company's roots actually stem from 1952, when Joe came to the United States from Vienna. “Work hard and do it in such a way that you can take pride in what you do," Joe says of his values and those of his company.

Initially, Joe landed a job as an apprentice tool and die maker for Acme Tool & Die in Chicago at which he particularly loved the challenge of mold making. In 1973, he started his own company, JV Tool, and a couple of years later moved his family to Arkansas and Volt Industrial Plastics was born.


Hopefully by now you’ve heard that in January of this year we broke ground on an all-new 36,000 square-foot expansion. This will now give our factory a total of 100,000 square feet! Construction is slated to conclude later this summer. With a tradition of growth, ingenuity and hard work, VIP expansion indicates our commitment to our customers and our future. 

Give us a call or drop us an email and our staff will be glad to respond with the information you need. Volt Industrial Plastics guarantees you will save money, and will be satisfied with our customer service and speedy delivery. 

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