Sometimes You Win & Sometimes You Win!

Do you ever feel like things are just going your way? Of course life does have its ups and downs, but many times, success and the wins that come with it happen as a result of hard work and “sticktoitivness” (if that’s a word.) While we at Volt Industrial Plastics have had our share of downs, struggles and challenges, we are experiencing growth like never before!

If you haven’t heard, our Founder, Joe Volltrauer, was recently inducted into the Fastener Hall of Fame at the International Fastener Expo in Las Vegas, NV. The Fastener Hall of Fame recognizes professionals who have made significant and enduring contributions to the Industrial Fastener Industry on a national or global scale. With our rich history and leadership example, Volt Industrial Plastics has become the leading pioneer when it comes to producing plastic fasteners. 


Volt is also on a course to expand and serve our customers like never before. You could say this is Volt 2.0. 

We are on the fast track to completing our all-new 36,000 square-foot expansion, which will allow us to operate at a whole new level. This construction project, which will be completed very soon, will now give the factory a total of 100,000 square feet, allowing us to expand our current inventory of over 100 million parts to even more.


Another thing that factors into our success is the plastic revolution. Volt utilizes plastic material instead of metal for many reasons. The process of manufacturing specific fasteners to spec is not only repeatable, but predictable. This provides the customer with the exact fastener they need each and every time. Using plastic also results in faster manufacturing times, lower packaging and shipping costs and more! Volt's plastic fasteners are also American Made, so no worries of delays and lead times. 

With a tradition of growth and ingenuity, you can rely on us because we come from a solid foundation. Our struggles have made us stronger, better and very reliable. We have the technology and expertise to provide you with the perfect part. With a warehouse of over 100 million plastic fasteners, we probably have what you need already in stock! We have the ability to make fasteners that are more or less durable, flexible, temperature resistant and UV resistant, manufactured to your specs. 

Visit our site to learn more about Volt - and join the thousands of other businesses who have benefited from our successes over the years. That’s a win win for sure!

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