Pin for the Win

While we may not be able to help you pin someone down like a ninja, we can certainly help you pin it when it comes to providing the right plastic fastener to hold it and keep it secured! Volt Industrial Plastics has the pins and every other type of plastic fastener you would ever need. Whether you realize it or not, you are probably using one of our fasteners right now, OR are using an item that utilizes one. Everything from computers, beds, furniture, vehicles and more, all benefit from the latest plastic technology, built into the thousands of our fasteners used all over the world. 

One item that we sell that has a variety of options and uses is the pin. You may think a pin is just a pin - but not at Volt! Here are nine of the types of pins we manufacture. You may be surprised:

1. The Common Pin

Pins are used to securely hold objects together. The Common Pin is used in holding two objects together like shelves and other furniture items.

Pin Pin

2. Threaded Pin

A Threaded Pin is threaded on one end to securely attach to one workpiece while assembling.

Threaded PinThreaded Pin

3. Push Pins 

Push Pins are easy to install and secure. Simply push in to connect.

Push PinPush Pin

4. Card Locating Pin

A Card Locating Pin is used for precision locating and workpieces.

Card Locating PinCard Locating Pin

5. Cross Pin

A Cross Pin is used to rapidly locate and assemble workpieces.

Cross PinCross Pin

6. Dowel Pin

Dowel Pins may be used in locating or assembling where a friction fit is required. Dowel Pins are commonly used in automotive and furniture applications.

Dowel PinsDowel Pins

7. Retaining Pin

A Retaining Pin pushes in and holds strong for easy assembly.

Retaining PinRetaining Pin

8. Packaging Pin

A Packaging Pin is used to piece packaging materials for easy assembly.

Packaging PinPackaging Pin

9. Tabbed Pin

A Tabbed Pin is tabbed to provide a secure grip during assembly.

Tabbed PinTabbed Pin

Volt Industrial Plastics is your number one plastic fastener source, manufacturing fasteners like nuts, spacers, clips, washers and pins of all shapes and sizes! We have the technology and expertise to provide you with the perfect part for your needs. We have the ability to make fasteners more or less durable, flexible, temperature resistant or UV resistant. Visit our site to learn more about our capabilities and all the different parts and pieces we offer! 

Pin it with VOLT!

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