The A List

And the winner is…

As we look back over the past several months, Volt Industrial Plastics has enjoyed much success. Not only has our customer base grown by leaps and bounds, but our physical plant size has increased to accommodate the demands of manufacturing and inventory spaces!

Since there are no Grammys or Academy Awards given for the top plastic fastener products sold during the last fiscal year, here is a partial list of our top performing items - some of which you may be surprised to know!

1. Cable Clamps

Cable clamps (and cable clips) come in a variety of options, and provide an easy solution to binding and securing cables and wires. Quickly and efficiently attach wire and cable bundles to the wall, ceiling, or other surfaces with a single screw. With this Cable Clamp, you can secure wire bundles from .500 to 1.000 with a screw.

2. Special Flat Washers

Special Flat Washers come with an inner diameter ranging from .055 to 1.500. We also offer Split Flat Washers, Standard Flat Washers and more!

3. Special Spacers

Our spacers are offered with dozens of options. This has proven to be an amazing product over the years!

4. Shoulder Washers

Our retaining washers and “special retaining washers” are offered in a variety of inner-diameter sizes.

5. Christmas Tree Clips

We offer a variety of Christmas Tree Clips that offer fast, secure, and easy installation. They fit a variety of hole sizes and panel thicknesses. They can also be used in various blind hole applications for added versatility. 

6. Snap Rivets

Our snap rivets come in a variety of styles to choose from. They are easy to install and require no tools. Simply push the male and female components together for quick assembly. We also offer Mini Snap Rivets, Ratchet Rivets and more!

7. Arrow Clips

Arrow Clips provide a fast and inexpensive way to assemble materials. When pushed through a pre-drilled or punched hole, the body of the arrow clip compresses and decompresses to lock securely in place.

8. Stacking Retaining Spacers

Stacking Retainer Spacers come in a variety of sizes and other options. They are typically snapped into circuit boards up to a thickness of .062”.

9. Hex Nuts

Our Hex Nuts come in many shapes and sizes. Some of these include this standard Hex Nut, Metric Hex Huts, Hex Nuts with locking threads and more!

10. Twist Locks

Twist Locks allow you to secure wire bundles and other things together. We also manufacture other styles of Twist Locks that are available in a variety of sizes and used for many different applications.


As you can imagine, with over 100 millions parts in our inventory, this short list is just the icing on the cake. To see our complete selection, check out our products page on our website. AND we also manufacture and create many other fasteners according to your specifications! Give us a call today  at 1-800-844-8024 and let’s discuss how our “A LIST” can help take your business to the next level!

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