Joe Volltrauer Accepts his Induction into the Fastener Hall of Fame

Volt Industrial Plastics hosted an award dinner for our CEO and founder, Joe Volltrauer, as he accepted his award for induction into the Fastener Hall of Fame. His speech is printed below for everyone to read. We have added a few photos from the dinner as well for you to enjoy.

Good morning and thank you all for being here today to help me celebrate being inducted into the Fastener Hall of Fame.

I was not able to make it to the International Fastener Expo in October 2022 to accept this honor and I want to thank my daughter Heidi for making the trip to Vegas to accept it for me. I am here today to accept this award and to say a few words to express my gratitude.

I want to thank and acknowledge the Fastener Industry Coalition, as I was told it is the FIC board that reviews the nomination applications to recommend who they think should be added to the Hall of Fame. I would also like to thank the people that nominated me for this honor and let them know how humbled I am by their recognition.

Who would I be without family? So, I must first thank my wife, Erwine, for helping me build this business; all her many hours put toward raising our three daughters, making our home a home and everything she contributed to making Volt the success it is today. I see my three daughters here to support me and celebrate Volt’s successes as they have over the last 31 years.

Also, I could not let this opportunity go by without thanking all of you… without the Volt employees there would be no Volt, and therefore I would not be standing up here accepting this award without all of your hard work all year long… so thank you and I want you to share this honor with me. Volt works as a team, so that being said…this award is our award.

I have many years of experience in tool making and the fastener industry, but when I started Volt Industrial Plastics in 1992 it was a different experience. I was just a boy at 54 years old but I could see a long successful future for Volt.

Now, over 30 years later, here we are in a 100,000 square foot building and dream that came true. I have always been a dreamer and without a dream you don’t have anything to work towards. I am still dreaming and will continue to put those dreams into motion until the day I retire…which will be never.

I love the fastener industry and the great people in that I have met and worked with over the years. I found a home in this industry many years ago and I am beyond honored to be inducted into the Fastener Hall of Fame and grateful to be a part of this industry…even after I retire.

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