Don't Agonize - Organize!

Who doesn’t want to be more organized? Organizational skill is one of the reasons Volt Industrial Plastics has enjoyed so much success over the years. With over 100 million parts in stock, we have learned that everything has its place, and there’s a place for everything! This passion is what drives us to provide the best and the most variety of organizational plastic fasteners and plastic EVERYTHING to our customers.

Not only are we organized, but we manufacture and sell clamps, clips and other fasteners to make our customer’s working environments more safe and organized. Cords and cables can be a nightmare. When they are situated and tucked away neatly and cleanly, everything just seems to work better. When this happens, it is easier to locate specific cables, which is especially helpful when tracing down a problem.

At VOLT, one of our most popular lines of products we manufacture and sell are cable routing and wire handling hardware. If you ever look inside a computer or any appliance, you will see how neatly and intentional cable routing can be achieved. Here are a few of our most popular fastener products that can help you get on the route to a more organized life:

  • Adhesive Backed Wire and Cable Clips
  • Push Mount Wire Clip
  • Tabbed Hose Clamp
  • Twist Locks
  • Wire and Cable Clip Holders - Side & Top Entry Options
  • Wire Spring Clip
  • Flat Cable Loop
  • Saddle Clips
  • Cable Clamps
  • Christmas Tree Hose Clamp
  • Cable Tie Holder
  • Circle Clip
  • Clip-On Ceiling Loops
  • Drain Hose Clips
  • Internal Lamp Snag Bushing
  • Cable Band Holders
  • Standoff Harness Clip
  • Strain Reliefs

Volt has every fastener imaginable to make your organizational dreams come true. We also have the in-house ability to manufacture custom fasteners from your drawings. The best part is that we can get you the custom parts you need in just a short amount of time. We can help take your organization and your organizational skills to the next level! Give us a call at 1-800-844-8024 today!

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