The Final Stretch

Volt Industrial Plastics is on the final stretch of our 36,000 square-foot expansion. We can finally see light at the end of the tunnel and can’t wait to utilize the entire 100,000 square-foot facility. Increased demand and the ability to continue our dependable legacy prompted this next chapter in the life of Volt Industrial Plastics. In addition to more operating space, we’ve totally updated and changed the entire entrance, as well as our sign in the front of the property. With the exteriors almost complete, the finishing touches are being applied to the inside. 

While many things will improve and be new, the many qualities VOLT is known for will not change. For years, VOLT has successfully built a growing customer base because we take pride in everything we design, manufacture and sell. EVERYTHING will continue to be built in house - from tooling to parts, they’re all made right here. Customers will also continue to receive orders prompt and fast. We know that money is time and time is money. Volt can usually build a new tool faster than anyone in the industry. This means your order of newly-designed and created fasteners will arrive before you know it. Our inventory will also continue to be huge - if not more amazing due to the expansion which is providing us more room. The ability to order fasteners in a variety of custom colors and materials will still be available. VOLT offers over 120 different materials to meet any specific application requirements for the customer. We also can color match most any logo or company color schematic.

Volt 2.0 will be finished in just a few short weeks! To find out more about our company and the products we manufacture, give us a call toll free at 800-844-8024, or visit our website at

Volt Industrial Plastics
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