Ending 2023 On Top

Over the past few months, Volt Industrial Plastics has raised the bar yet again. We’ve not only added more square footage to allow us to operate more efficiently, but our customer base has grown as we continue to focus on the four things that continue to give us the edge in the plastic fastener industry. Here’s the scoop:


Our new facility and huge inventory are two main factors that allow us to price our plastic so low. In 2023 we completed our all-new 36,000 square-foot expansion, allowing us to operate at a whole new level. This expansion now gives the factory a total of 100,000 square feet, allowing us to expand our current inventory of over 100 million parts to even more.



We pride ourselves in keeping up with technology and the speed it affords, without compromising quality. Instead of waiting weeks for your order to be processed and shipped, we have taken the old school 6-12 week waiting period and have sped the process into less than a week, with some items shipping the same day! Our new facility was engineered in such a way that allows us to quickly access our inventory. You want it fast? We are fast!


If you place an order that we can pull from our existing inventory, there is no minimum. It’s frustrating to order from a company that always requires you to buy a certain amount each and every time. This is probably one of your most frustrating aspects of owning and operating a business - where you are trying to be frugal and not spend money for a ton of items you simply don’t need at the time. Whether you need just one, or several items it isn’t a big deal at Volt. There is also no minimum order if we have the mold already in house. Yes!


VIP is our company’s acronym. At Volt Industrial Plastics, every customer is a VIP! Our customer service sets us apart from all of our competitors. 

V alue - We place a high value on our customers and on the products we manufacture 

I nnovative - Innovation has been the key to our ongoing success

P ride - We are proud of the fact that from day one we’ve continued to produce the best plastic fasteners in the world

While 2023 has been a good year, 2024 looks to be even better! Know that Volt Industrial Plastics is committed to you, our amazing customers. You are valued and not taken for granted. We are also innovative and take pride in our company and the products we manufacture. We welcome every opportunity to put our experience, technical expertise and rapid-response production capability to work for you in the months to come. Contact a member of our friendly, knowledgeable sales team today to find out how we can assist you in being successful in 2024!

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