Heidi Volltrauer Named WIFI's Woman of the Year

Congratulations to Volt’s Heidi Volltrauer for being named Woman of the Year by WIFI. WIFI (Women in the Fastener Industry) provides opportunities for women in the fastener industry at all levels of experience. They work together to unite, educate, mentor and encourage one another for the express purpose of advancing women in the fastener industry. The Woman of the Year award stands as a symbol of recognition for outstanding leadership and unparalleled success within the fastener industry. This honor is bestowed upon an individual who possesses a lengthy and illustrious record of advocating for the professional advancement of women, embodying resilience and fostering positive change by the WIFI .

Heidi Volltrauer is a trailblazer in the fastener industry, serving as the COO/President of Volt Industrial Plastics with an extensive career spanning over three decades. Her journey in the industry began in 1993 when attending her first trade show, she noticed the scarcity of women in attendance. This observation ignited her passion to support and mentor women eager to enter her company and the broader industry.

Taking the reins of the family business as her parents aged, Heidi propelled Volt Industrial Plastics into a leading position within the industry. Her strategic vision and leadership were pivotal in transforming the company into a premier plastic supplier, overseeing significant expansions of their manufacturing facilities.

Heidi's commitment to supporting women has been unwavering. Notably, she has shattered barriers by assembling a management team comprising six women, fostering an inclusive environment where their voices are heard and valued. Her dedication to inclusion extends beyond the workplace, as she consistently ensures the representation of women by inviting one of her team members to accompany her to tradeshows, amplifying their visibility and opportunities in the industry.

Her advocacy for domestic manufacturing was evident in her efforts to organize a trade show in Branson, Missouri, aiming to bolster and uplift local manufacturing. Heidi Volltrauer's tireless support, mentorship and role as an inspiration to women in the industry reflect her dedication to fostering growth, empowerment and equality.

"Thank you so much for this honor! When I started in this industry over 31 years ago, there were not very many women, and it has been amazing to see the woman population grow over the years.  I am so proud to be a woman in the fastener industry,  and so proud to be a part of WIFI!I"

-Heidi Volltrauer

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