Expansion Update

If you’ve driven by our Yellville, Arkansas location recently, you’ve noticed we have recently completed a very important part of our new 36,000 square foot expansion, giving us just over 100,000 square feet of total operating space. 10,000 square feet of the new addition is primarily for our CNC/Tool Room, and will provide the much needed room we have desperately needed for years. This new space will enable Volt to add more new and exciting products like the Heavy-Duty Cable Clamps which will be completed later this year!

The architects and engineers that designed our new expanded space did it in such a way that allows us to grow, but continue to remain efficient. Volt has always prided ourselves on keeping up with technology - and we will continue to do so. The new CNC/Tool Room space is and will continue to be housed with the most up to date equipment so that we can continue making customer-driven tools with a quick turnaround. Making the tooling is the first very important step in getting the product out the door and to our customers.

Since Volt’s inception in 1992 we have had continuous growth, and several expansions along the way. The Tool Room is where our company’s founder, Joe Volltrauer began his career in the fastener industry many years ago. In 1952 Joe came to the United States from Vienna, Austria. Along with his few worldly possessions, he brought with him the European (German) work ethic that provided the foundation for the business that he eventually launched through becoming a tool and die maker himself in Chicago, Illinois. In 1973, he started his own company, JV Tool, and a couple of years later moved his family to Arkansas where he designed his exceptionally functional, high-quality molds for manufacturers of plastic components, including plastic fasteners.

Volt has been a family-owned business from the beginning, and Joe’s daughter, Heidi Volltrauer, had already been intricately involved in the fastener industry and with Volt for over 32 years. Heidi has been by Joe’s side from the very beginning, and now is taking the reins in overseeing everything, including this very exciting expansion. The next phase will be the warehouse expansion.

“We have now expanded our warehouse space by 16,000 square feet, and we are ready to fill it up,” said Heidi Volltrauer. Volt currently has over 100 million parts in stock and ready to ship, but with the recent expansion, we will now be able to keep many more products on hand. How many more? “We will let you know when we are at that part of the phase. With the additional space we’ve recently created for our production machines, we have the room to grow - and that is exactly what we intend to do. We will keep you posted,” said Volltrauer.

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