Ratchet Rivets are Versatile (and Crafty!)

Some of our favorite products here at Volt are Ratchet Rivets. They come in a variety of head sizes; .354, .406, .750 and 1.000 inches, with three hole sizes .281, .250 and .197. V.I.P. created a Ratchet Rivet Extension that can be used with the .281 hole size rivets to increase their holding capacity. Commercially, they are most often used for merchandising displays to hold objects to the displays. The assembled thickness can be from .118 to 1.375 inches without the extensions so they are pretty versatile. Because of their design, the holding power is pretty substantial and permanent since they can't just be pulled apart. Because the rivets are usually nylon, Volt Industrial Plastics can produce them in a variety of colors to the customer's needs. Because the assembled panel thickness varies from less than 1/4 up to 1.375 inches, they can be swapped for even more versatility, increasing the thickness, when needed, with the extensions which are a little less than 1.25 inches.
Ratchet RivetsFlowers made with Ratchet Rivets
Some really cute flowers made with Ratchet Rivets

Ratchet Rivets have also been discovered by crafters. I think we can find a crafty use for nearly anything small enough to fit in a crafting room! The natural nylon can be colored with fabric dyes, the shade getting darker the longer they are left in the dye bath. Especially useful in scrapbooking, the smallest size can be used to hold small items to scrap pages. The dyed rivets are great as embellishments like flower centers (also for holding dimensional objects and flowers in place). If you have a machine that can cut vinyl, the heads are large enough that one can add decorations for more personalization. The rivets are great for holding pages together.
Ratchet Rivets used in flowers
Close up of Ratchet Rivets used in flowers

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