Advantages of Nylon

A popular material for all sorts of fasteners, clips, and clamps is Nylon. The reason it has become so popular over the years is because it is very tough and can resist chemicals and high heat temperatures with little damage. That makes it a great option for many industries involving high heat environments, and lots of wear and tear where chemicals may be exposed. Nylon has many advantages over metal and other materials in the auto industry, telecommunications, computers, and even medical devices. 

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They are Less Expensive
Any time you are substituting a metal screw or bolt with plastics, you are going to save some money. They cost less to make, and they weigh less, making it easier to transport both the initial shipping, but also the end product they are being used for. This has a huge cost advantage for manufacturers, in addition to being very durable and a worthy replacement in the right situation. 

They Weigh Less
As mentioned, nylon is a very lightweight material compared to metal. This is desirable in the end product for both the end user and also any time it is being transported somewhere. The heavier something is, the more it costs to produce and the harder it is to get it around. 

They’re Heat Resistant
Aside from cost and weight, the top reason to use nylon is that it is heat resistant. This makes it ideal when you are planning to use it in a high-temperature environment. Because of this, it is used for many under-the-hood applications in the auto industry or even electric connections for telecommunications. Instead of burning, nylon will melt, which is preferred over starting a fire! 

They Resist Fading
Nylon is a tough material, so it remains strong even after long exposure to sun or even chemicals. Depending on the finish you chose, nylon will stay looking unfaded and fresh for a longer period of time than many other materials. It does not rust and can endure a lot of wear and tear without beginning to look like it. 

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They are Durable 
Although Nylon is not the strongest material in the world, it is still very strong and capable. It is very tough and due to all of its other resistant properties, can last a very long time when compared to aluminum and some other materials on the market. 

They Can Have Custom Finishes
This is a great feature again for manufacturers who are looking for the end product to look a certain way. At Volt we offer color matching to ensure your fasteners will match the rest of the product and blend it for a nice neat finishing look. You can also decide if you would like a high gloss or matte finish depending on the look you are going for. 

Nylon has many applications in almost any industry. Every material we use at Volt Plastics has a specific use that is better for certain end purposes. We are the experts at helping you to choose which materials and what properties are best for you and your project and can be there with you throughout the process to decide which one! 

To learn more about what other materials we offer and some of the advantages of those, please visit our manufacturing page. Whether it’s nylon or something else, we can find the perfect material to meet your needs! 

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