In 1992,  Joe Volltrauer established Volt Industrial Plastics. Although his journey began with small steps in the 50’s, Volt Industrial Plastics has grown exponentially throughout the years. This growth has not only been because of Joe’s knowledge of tool and mold making, but also because of the dedicated staff and employees who are literally “hands on” day in, day out. You can’t be dedicated to quality and service at this level without a team that’s hard working, loyal, and invested in the success of the company. Some of the employees have even been working with Joe for over 40 years, and many 10 years or more!


A tour of the facility will quickly show the ingenuity and creativity of the employees. If a customer needs a new fastener and the mold doesn’t exist, they simply make one from customer drawings or samples. Some of the equipment has been repurposed to serve new functions, enabling Volt to meet the changing needs of their customers. Of course you will see state-of-the-art computer-aided manufacturing equipment from wall to wall - but you will also see dozens of employees not only operating everything efficiently, but also working to problem solve and create solutions to make the product better. This translates into huge cost savings for the customer!


With currently over 20 million pieces in inventory, VIP produces plastic screws and nuts (both standard and metric), license plate screws and nuts, Christmas tree clips, rivets, wire and cable routing clips, printed circuit board hardware, dowels, washers, spacers, tapped spacers, and many other fasteners. We also have an aggressive tooling program in place that adds new tools and produces new parts every year.


With a heritage of growth and hard work, Volt Industrial Plastics is committed to our customers and our future. Over the years, Joe Volltrauer’s dedication and skills have attracted people who share his same commitment and vision to be the best and provide the best in this industry.  And, as with every truly successful company, it is the people that have made the difference. 

Hats off to the VIP employees who are hands on! We are innovative and take pride in our company and the products we manufacture. We welcome every opportunity to put our experience, technical expertise and rapid-response production capability to work for you. Contact a member of our friendly, knowledgeable sales team today to find out how we can help.

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