With Volt Industrial Plastics we can make your organizational dreams come true! As we have grown over the years, one thing we pride ourselves in is being ORGANIZED. With over a million parts in stock and a huge array of equipment, parts and pieces, we have learned that everything has its place, and there’s a place for everything! This passion is what drives us to provide the best and the most variety of organizational plastic fasteners and plastic EVERYTHING to our customers.

When wireless Internet connections became the new standard, we got to wind up those ethernet and phone cables for good. It makes our desks a little less cluttered. And as wireless phone charging bases become more common, some of us are ditching our mobile phone cables, as well. But a fully wireless future is still a long way off, leaving most of us to deal with snarls of cords and cables behind our TVs, under our desks and in our office drawers. Messy tangles of cords don’t do any favors for your home decor, and they collect dust bunnies like nobody’s business. They also lead to wasted time when you need to unplug something and can’t figure out which cord is which. Cords that are left in unsafe locations could create tripping hazards or become damaged, which could lead to an electrical fire. Even though cord organization is the kind of job that’s easy to put off, you have a lot to gain by taking a few minutes along with the right organizational fastener to get things under control. 

Here at Volt Industrial Plastics, we recognized the “mess” issue, and the need for better means of cable and wire organization. In addition to our wide offering of clamps and clips, we launched a line of light-duty cable clamps to help our customers get organized, and to create the exact clamps for hard to reach spaces, electronics, and finish work. 

It’s not just about organization either. Our plastic products also prevent corrosion with metal tubing and with plastic. They they won’t bind or warp, which prevents leaks when maintaining the flow of liquids. There are so many different industries that have a need for clamps. Many times the same type of clamps and clips don’t work for every application. We offer a variety of different types, sizes, installations, shapes, etc! 



We carry both adhesive backed wire cable clips and non-adhesive cable clips -  which can be secured to a hard surface using a screw. Adhesive-backed clips are great for home offices or those who want a temporary fix to hold cables together and off of the ground.


We know that wires come in a variety of sizes. We carry several in-stock cable clips with a wide range of wire bundle dimensions to choose from.

Different Openings

Our cable clips and cable clamps also come in a variety of openings, such as side-entry and top-entry. This allows for easy access and ability to change out wires if needed.

New Light Duty Cable Clamps

At Volt, we are constantly listening to our customer base and learning what they need and want more of when it comes to the products we produce. Cable clamps have become increasingly popular due to their ability to make handling wires, organizing wires, and running cables easier.

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Our new cable clamps are light duty, come in a variety of sizes, and can be attached to a variety of surfaces such as a wall or ceiling with a simple screw. There are a few sizes available now and other sizes with be available in just a few months. Click here to learn more about our new light-duty cable clamps.


When you get your cords and cables organized, the benefit you’re likely to appreciate most is how sleek and clean your home or office will look. But the most important benefit is actually prevention of accidents. Here are some of the most critical safety considerations when deciding how to organize cables for storage and use:

  • Never run cords across walkways without suitable protection. Someone could trip and be injured. Running a cord under a rug may reduce the tripping risk, but it increases the risk of friction damage that can expose wires and start a fire. If you must extend a cord across a walkway, use a durable rubber ramp with hidden channels that are designed to protect cords.

  • Don’t run cords through doorways with doors. Even if the door is usually open and the cables are secured close to the baseboard, it’s too easy to pinch or puncture the cord while moving the door. 

  • Extension cords are for temporary use only. If you’re using an extension cord as a permanent power source, the safer solution is to hire an electrician to install a new outlet.

  • Store cords carefully when not in use. Coiling them too tightly can cause unseen damage to the wires inside the sheath. Bundle them loosely and store them in a container that will protect them from being crushed.

  • Inspect your cables and throw away damaged ones. Temporary solutions like electrical tape may not significantly reduce the risk of fire or shock.

Take Stock and Label Existing Cords

In your multimedia room, computer room and other areas that have a lot of cords to organize, it’s best to begin by making a list of the cords you need to manage. It may seem excessive, but if you want to make it easier to shop for organizational tools, you at least need to know how many cords you’re managing. Label each cord by its purpose as you make your list and note its thickness. What works for a thick power cable won’t necessarily work for a thin phone charging cable. You should also indicate if it’s a cable you frequently unplug and replug, like a charging cable you take to school or work.

How To Organize And Protect Your Cords And Cables | Direct Energy Blog

Choosing how to organize electronic cords and cables depends on your budget and style. Whether you go for a clean look or a clever DIY approach, the important thing is that you keep your cords and your home and office safe.


Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Give us a call at 1-800-844-8024. We have the ability to manufacture custom fasteners from your drawings in-house. The best part is that we can get you the custom parts you need in just a short amount of time.

At Volt, we aim to make your manufacturing process as easy as can be, providing you with the tools you need to be successful. This is what makes us tick! Give us a chance to take your organization and your organizational skills to the next level!

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