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Routing and securing cables in an organized fashion is more important than you may realize. Even though many things are connected wirelessly these days, cables and wires still play a major part in anything where technology is used. With a totally wireless future years away, we are still left with tangled networks of cords and cables behind our TVs, under desks, in our RVs - basically everywhere! Unorganized cables not only collect dust, they can also be a tripping hazard, or even a fire hazard!

At VOLT, one of our most popular lines of products we manufacture and sell are cable routing and wire handling hardware. If you ever look inside a computer or any appliance, you will see how neatly and intentional cable routing can be achieved. 

Here are a few of our most popular fastener products that can help you get on the route to a more organized life:

Adhesive Backed Wire and Cable Clips

These handy clips provide a simple and low-cost solution for securing and organizing wires and cables. They come in a variety of options and are backed with a quality .062 thick foam adhesive tape for easy installation. Clips are also available without tape.

Push Mount Wire Clip

These clips are extremely useful when it comes to organization. The split-opening also provides a simple way to add new wires and take out wires when they are no longer needed.

Tabbed Hose Clamp

These are great to bundle several wires together. The bundle diameter would need to be within .630 - .866. 

Twist Lock Special

These come in a variety of sizes depending on the diameter of your wire bundle. These are a great solution where you simply snap the connector in and twist the ends to secure!

Wire and Cable Holders - Side & Top Entry Options

These wire and cable holders come with two options. The horizontal orientation is extremely beneficial where low height and clearance are issues. The top entry version has a vertical orientation where you need to gather cables at the top, and where there is a narrow width for clearance. Both types install with fingertip pressure into a 3/16” diameter hole. The bayonet mount self-adjusts to various thicknesses up to .90”.


For more organizational ideas, check out this article that contains several helpful tips and tricks! To see our complete line of plastic fastener products visit our website. If we don’t have what you need, give us a call at 1-800-844-8024. We have the ability to manufacture custom fasteners in-house. The best part is that we can get you the custom parts you need in just a short amount of time! 

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