OK - let’s be honest! Sometimes you just have to toot your own horn! So here is our shameless "PLUG" - along with an intended pun:

Volt Industrial Plastics is absolutely the best plastic fastener company you can find! 


It’s not just our fast order turnaround times - and it’s not just the fact that we produce EVERYTHING in house in order to have complete quality control. But we also have the best state-of-the-art technology to build tooling IN HOUSE. That ingenuity and technology enables us to build custom items for our customers that meet their specific plastic fastener needs, JUST IN CASE our 100 million plus inventory doesn’t have it. 

So there you have it! We love what we do because we do it well! Plus our customer base continues to grow, somewhat due to the fact that our current customers are constantly plugging our business - letting others know that we are number one when it comes to fasteners!

Over the past few months we have written blogs about pins, rivets, washers, nuts and bolts! So while we are on the shameless “PLUG” subject, let’s look at our amazing plugs and caps which are part of our multi-million parts inventory!


Plugs can be found practically everywhere. There are tons of uses for plugs in your home as well as in an industrial setting. Some uses for plugs include covering the openings in patio furniture to keep moisture from getting in. Various sizes of plugs are used to help ensure a package gets shipped safely - or if you own a business, plugs can be used to protect your machinery from damage caused by dust, dirt, and even moisture. They can be used to plug small openings in wooden walls, cabinets, counters and other surfaces. With the right type of plug, you can effectively hide and decorate exposed holes, all at the same time. 

Our plug inventory at VOLT includes tapered hole plugs, special hole plugs, hole caps and more! If you need to plug it up, we can make it happen! 


Speaking of caps - our inventory contains several caps that are used in many applications! Some of these include Christmas tree caps, tubing end caps, terminal end caps and MORE! Our plastic caps come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors for use in the home as well as in the workplace.

For a complete listing of our HUGE line of products, click here. As we’ve stated earlier, if we don’t have it, we are equipped to make the tool and produce exactly what you need! Give us a call today! Join the thousands of satisfied customers who rely on our expertise, our dependability, as well as the quality of our products! Shameless plug ended!  

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