Over the years, VOLT Industrial Plastics has learned that the customer does come first. This being the case, we realize that getting their orders processed in a speedy fashion not only makes them happy, but it is satisfying and rewarding on our end. Our customers have said that our lead times are SECOND TO NONE - and they are!

In today’s fast-paced world and the rapid growth of today’s technology, everything seems to be so much faster than days gone by. Accessing information, buying, selling, sharing pictures and video are all accomplished on our phones and computers every day. Fast lane, fast food, fast track - fast everything! Unfortunately with some manufacturing companies, their fast track is non-existent. We pride ourself in keeping up with technology and the speed it affords, without compromising quality. 

Instead of waiting weeks for your order to be processed and shipped, we have taken the old school 6-12 week waiting period and have sped the process into less than a week, with some items shipping the same day!


One thing that helps VOLT knock the competition out of the ring is the fact that we can produce fasteners with tooling equipment we make in house! If our inventory of over 100 million parts isn’t exactly what is needed, we create tooling based on the customer’s specs to produce what they are needing. The fact that all of this is IN HOUSE and we don’t have to hire a third party, keeps us one step ahead. Of course we send the samples to the client for approval - but once we get the thumbs up, their fasteners are out the door so fast it will make your head spin!


VOLT has complete control over the quality and the lead times for our customers. We are continuously innovating our internal processes to make sure our customers are supplied with all of their fastener needs on time. We also have an unbelievable 65,000-square foot facility which includes additional warehouse space for finished goods and raw material inventories. This has enabled us to meet the demands of our customers faster than ever. Our amazing facility holds over one hundred million plastic fasteners in quickly-accessed inventory, which can be shipped the same day or the next day, depending on when the order is received.

Whether you need an item that is in stock or one that has to be manufactured, with Volt Industrial Plastics you will not have to worry about lengthy turn-around times. Our lead time for items that need to be molded is usually only 3-5 days - depending on the part.

We are a cutting-edge, current-technology company, with rapid-response production capability. We are able to manufacture custom fasteners faster than ever, without compromise! Whether it’s a rivet, screw, dowel, clip or clamp, we can deliver in speedy fashion what you need, when you need it. Guaranteed. Contact us today!

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