…And we’re NOT talking baked potatoes! We are talking plastic fasteners! We keep over 100 MILLION fasteners in our expanding inventory, ready to ship when needed! We are currently in the process of increasing our warehouse space with another 36,000 square feet to facilitate growth and our increasing product supply. We are the fastener masters - especially when it comes to clips, screws, pins, rivets, push-in fasteners and more! If you need to fasten it, grip it, attach it, clip it or even pin it, VOLT is your fastener source. 

There are a variety of fasteners one keeps around at all times in order to make the job easier. Fasteners and clips are great items to keep in stock and to have on hand. Whether you are a homeowner who completes minor handy work around the house or you own your own shop with changing signage, fasteners will always be beneficial. 

What fasteners and connectors are in your toolbox? Here are a few of our favorites that we recommend to have on hand at all times: 


Our wire and cable clips provide a simple and low-cost solution for securing and organizing wires and cables. Some of our clips options are backed with a quality .062 thick foam adhesive tape for easy installation. We also have many clips available without the tape backing. We have a variety of cable clamps and cable clips in a variety of sizes and wire-bundle diameters. VOLT’S newest cable clamp holds wires and cables in place efficiently and without damage. The new cable clamp is also light duty and bundles wires ranging from 3/16” to ½”. They are great for hard to reach spaces, electronics, appliances, automotive, and finish work. 


Whether you own a small boutique that puts up seasonal signs, or a supermarket who displays current and upcoming sales on a regular basis, having some of our handy clips available can save you time and headaches. Like many of our clips, there are several possibilities for using canoe clips, dart clips, and arrow clips. Many are even reusable and are a low-cost replacement for using similar hardware such as screws. 


When it comes to screws and studs, we have what you need. Some of our inventory includes socket flat head screws, button head sockets, tapered studs, spacer stud screws, slotted economy thumb and fillister screws, carriage bolts, eye bolts, hex bumpers, hex caps, knurled thumbs, license plate screws and nuts, oval thumb screws, phillips binding, phillips flat, and hundreds more! 


Rivets are perhaps one of the most versatile fasteners on the market today. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and applications, and are easy to install, and usually require no tools. With just a push of the head using hand pressure, a snap rivet locks into place leaving a nice smooth flat head. 

You can find these plastic rivets in a variety of styles and sizes. They are used in furniture, computers, various construction applications, and more. 


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How many times have you removed a metal washer, only to discover that the finish was scuffed, disfigured, and many times damaged or ruined. A plastic washer may seem like a “flimsy” option, but that is far from the truth. Our washers are made in a variety of strengths from soft to extremely hard. They not only deliver in quality, but they do not damage whatever they are attached to. 

Some of our washer options include cup washers, finishing washers, hex washers, shoulder washers, retaining washers, flat washers, square, round and oval washers - and MORE! 


Our state-of-the-art production facility allows us to cater to national and international vendors, supplying them with the quality custom fasteners that are a perfect fit for what they need. We also do custom tooling IN HOUSE to customer specifications. Whether you need a specific size fastener, a different material, or just the right shade of green, Volt Industrial Plastics can make it happen. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-844-8024. 

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